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Are you ready to create a delicious balance between work, rest & play?
Let me show you how.

When your life becomes more like a chocolate bar, it feels more scrumptious to live in. Your Chocolate Bar Life is waiting for you to step up & give it a high five.

The Chocolate Bar Life by Danielle Colley
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What if the thing standing between you & a life that feels delicious to live is you?

Get rid of the overwhelm. 
Say goodbye to burnout.
Create scrumptious balance you can live your ideal life - not the life everyone else thinks you should be living! 

Do you really want to feel the way you do now - forever?

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Go from total burnout to creating the delicious balance between work, rest & play


For years, I believed life was endless rounds of stress until you died.

But a chance comment about making life more like a Mars Bar changed how I saw life forever - and now you can find out how!

About the author

Danielle Colley 

I’m an author, speaker, business owner, integrative life coach, event facilitator, mother, daughter, partner, the list goes on – you know how it goes! The big secret is: I’ve also been a burnt out, struggling solo parent who despaired of keeping all of the balls in the air.

After a lot of work, study and experience coaching hundreds of men and women like you, I’m here to help you to feel confident to make bold moves, have the capacity for empowered conversations, no longer feel like an imposter and ensure that your life feels as good as it looks on paper.

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